• Ikea recreates iconic TV living rooms in new ads


    Ever wish you could live just like the characters on some of your favorite shows?

    While you can't spend endless hours sipping coffee like the cast of "Friends," your living room can look just like Monica and Rachel's, and all it takes is a trip to Ikea.


    The Swedish home store released ads targeting shoppers looking for design inspiration through their television rather than simply where to place one. 

    The ads are featured in a campaign distributed in the United Arab Emirates called "Ikea Real Life Series."

    All the furnishings in the ads can be found in Ikea and match spaces from "Friends," "The Simpsons" and "Stranger Things" almost exactly. 

    It took a Spanish advertising company about two months to find all the right pieces currently for sale in Ikea stores and online. 

    Some of those rooms will be featured in Ikea stores in the Middle East. 


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