Gov. Wolf responds after confidential agreement allowing car show becomes public

PITTSBURGH — 11 Investigates has been trying to get Gov. Wolf to respond since we told you about a confidential agreement that allowed a massive car show to move forward near Harrisburg despite the COVID-19 restrictions in place. The event allowed 20,000 people per day, but the mandate for outdoor events was 250 people.

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“I was willing to try with the right safety of the people coming in there and that was an effort, I probably, in hindsight, was wrong. I think our first priority ought to be to keep people safe and here’s what we know: that this virus is contagious and it loves it when people can gather together indoors and outdoors. We ought to do what we can to keep that from happening,” Wolf said on Pittsburgh’s KDKA Radio Tuesday.

11 Investigates talked with an infectious disease doctor who agreed with Wolf, saying gatherings are a huge opportunity for the virus to spread.

“It’s one thing when you are having a gathering of 10 people but having tens of thousands of people from all over the state, country, that’s going to be really challenging,” said Dr. Amesh Adalja.

The events in Carlisle are continuing, with a four-day, 50th anniversary Corvette show. It’s dubbed the largest in the world.

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“Moving forward, this is going to be on a case-by-case basis or are there new metrics on mass gatherings that certain events happening in Carlisle are OK and ones in Butler County are not,” Adalja said.

Wolf’s office maintains that flea markets have always been allowed to take place while at 50% capacity.

“You know, examples like the Carlisle Auto Show, I’m willing to listen to someone who has what seems like a good idea. Sometimes I’m right, sometimes I’m wrong,” Wolf said on the radio.