Train derailment near Station Square could have been prevented

PITTSBURGH — A new government report released Thursday says the train derailment near Station Square last August could have been prevented.

PHOTOS: Train derails near Station Square

The Federal Railroad Administration released an accident investigation report on the incident. An issue with one of Norfolk Southern's rail lines led to train cars crashing over the hillside above Carson Street, with several of them falling onto Port Authority light rail tracks.

The report said that issue along the line was picked up in camera images during a test in July 2018 conducted by Sperry Rail Services.

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The report notes that the Sperry inspector made a "serious oversight" because there were "multiple opportunities to recognize a potential defect and follow up with a ground inspection," which would have included a check by hand.

The report also cleared the crew members of any wrong-doing. It also noted that the emergency brake acted correctly and stopped the train after several cars had derailed, indicating to the crew that there was a problem.

Channel 11 reached out to both Sperry and Norfolk Southern for comment and have not heard back.