Target 11: Emotional testimony in court from victim allegedly sexually abused by foster parent

PITTSBURGH — Target 11 found that all charges against both former foster parents were held for court after emotional testimony from the alleged victim.

Carlina Freeman described in detail sexual abuse she said occurred some 30 years ago, beginning at the age of nine. She testified that, at age 13, she became pregnant and gave birth to Gilbert’s child. Freeman told the court she had a paternity test, and that there are court documents showing Gilbert was the father.

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She also testified Gilbert threatened to make her life a living hell if she told anyone. She said she eventually told her CYS caseworker, but nothing was ever done.

After a Target 11 investigation first exposed the allegations and revealed that no charges were ever filed, Allegheny County police launched a criminal investigation and charged Gilbert with statutory rape.

Freeman testified that Omiecinski was aware of the abuse and participated in one of the alleged assaults. Omiecinski also is faces sex abuse charges.

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“I’m relieved,” Freeman said following her testimony. “I’m very relieved because it was a lot. I’m 41 and that’s a lot to carry from when I was nine years old.”

Both former foster parents will appear in court again in September for formal arraignment, and at that time the case likely will be scheduled for trial.