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Pittsburgh South Side Burger King allegedly left empty by workers, prompting police to respond

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh police were at the Burger King on Pittsburgh’s South Side Sunday night after all workers allegedly walked out on the job.

Police found the restaurant on East Carson Street to be unlocked with no employees inside. A city spokesperson says it appears the employees walked off the job. Police stayed until they could get ahold of someone to secure the building.

However, Burger King employees reported that they were just too short staffed to operate so the manager closed up early and forgot to lock the door behind him.

Passersby contacted Channel 11 Sunday night saying people were going inside and taking food, but workers could not confirm that on Monday.

Meantime, customers are showing support saying if they did walk out, they deserve better wages.

“It’s disappointing people took advantage of the situation to come in off the street but I don’t blame the workers one bit,” Ryan Gaines said. “People have been working for low wages for far too long, and it’s coming to a breaking point, we are at the threshold now, where workers are saying enough is enough.”

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