Jackie Evancho's 'AGT' Tour Dates Limited To 10 Cities

LOS ANGELES,None — In a last-minute announcement, it was revealed on Jackie Evancho's official Facebook page Thursday that her "America's Got Talent" tour dates would be limited to 10 of the 25 scheduled cities.

The "America's Got Talent" tour kicks off Oct. 1 in Oakland, Calif.

The message stated:

"After careful consideration and with Jackie's best interest in mind, Jackie's AGT tour appearances will be limited to the following 10 dates:"

Oct 1- Oakland, Calif. Oct 2- Reno, Nev. Oct 7- Los Angeles, Calif. Oct 16- Minneapolis, Minn. Oct 17- Milwaukee, Wis. Oct 27- New York, N.Y. Oct 28- Richmond, Va. Nov 3- Boston, Mass. Nov 4- Washington, D.C. Nov 5- Greensboro, N.C.

"I sincerely hope that fans in cities where Jackie will not be performing understand this decision."

It is believed that Jackie's father, Mike, manages the Facebook page, although statements credited to Jackie will occasionally be posted.

An e-mail to Mike Evancho requesting a statement on the family's decision was not immediately answered.

Two notable stops missing from Jackie's dates are Las Vegas on Oct. 8 and Columbus, Ohio, on Oct. 23.

Throughout the competition, some "AGT" fans voiced an opinion that Las Vegas was no place for a 10-year-old girl. Many Pittsburgh fans, disappointed that no local tour date was scheduled, planned to travel to Columbus to see the Richland Township native.

Ticketmaster is reportedly offering refunds to fans, minus shipping and handling fees, for cities in which Jackie is not performing.

The majority of Jackie's Facebook fans seem to be in favor of the decision to limit her dates, with only a few posting messages against it.

"Her schooling comes first. She has many years to tour once she is done with school," said Mary Portnick.

"This is a VERY wise decision! It is wonderful that AGT is allowing her to pick the cities. It is good to see that many people have Jackie's best interest in mind!!" said Michelle Sattler.

"They should have informed us of this before tickets went on sale.... very deceiving... I do agree that school is important but ... it is false advertising," said Lisa Doody.

Jackie will perform in the My Macy's Holiday Parade presented by WPXI in Pittsburgh Nov. 27. The parade will be broadcast live on WPXI-TV.

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