19-year-old killed in shooting in Washington County

WASHINGTON, Pa. — Police are investigating a fatal shooting that happened early this morning in Jollick Manor, a housing complex that sits directly across the street from the police department in Washington County.

Neighbors in the complex say shootings are becoming too common, and this one hit too close to home.

“I was just in shock. It is so close to home, literally, right behind my house,” said Stacey Porter, a nearby neighbor.

At about 12:15 a.m., Washington County 911 received a call about a shooting at Jollick Manor.

Police said that when they arrived, they found a victim, 19-year-old Antonio Martinez, who later died at Washington Hospital.

“From 18-year-olds down to 16-year-olds down to 12 and 10, these kids should not be able to have guns,” said Porter.

Porter and her neighbor Jocelynn Watts said that while they have lived in Washington County for most of their lives, and are raising their families here, the shootings have shaken them.

“I’m very scared that there is going to be a day where I am not going to be able to bring my son outside to play and just have fun,” said Watts.

Both women said they want answers from the police, and they want whoever is bringing the guns into the neighborhood behind bars.

“The police honestly need to do a better job, they need to get out and knock on doors, talk to people and try to figure out what’s going on and why this keeps happening,” said Watts.

While they didn’t know Martinez personally, they say it could have been any of the kids who play and hang out near the park — or even one of their own.

“They are just out playing being regular kids, it just happens out of nowhere; it’s not right, it’s not fair,” said Porter.

That’s why tonight, their message to their community is simple: Put the guns down.

“Put the guns down, it is not worth your freedom, and it is not worth somebody’s life,” said Watts.

At this time, detectives have identified a possible suspect but no charges have been filed.

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