11 News shines light on mental health, breaking the stigma

PITTSBURGH — 11 News is shining a light on mental health, exposing the challenges our area faces, discussing possible solutions and highlighting the individuals and groups making a difference.

With people and partners in the community, we’re working together on breaking the stigma.

In every aspect of life, it seems mental and emotional health issues are bubbling up to the surface.

Depression is something so many are dealing with as the world becomes more complicated. Many people are mourning victims of violence and COVID while spending so many more hours alone, in front of a screen and without a support group.

So how do we break the cycle? How do we work our way toward solutions? How do we break the stigma and get people the help they need?

There are a lot of people doing that work right now, but more are needed.

Channel 11 is looking at four topics under the mental health umbrella: suicide, depression, stress and anxiety and addiction.

Our hope is that shining a light on these issues at a local — even neighborhood — level will spur more conversations, more ideas, more donations for the people and groups that need them most, and more of a collective movement to get us all on a path toward solutions.

Breaking the Stigma is sponsored by UPMC Health Plan.

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