2 teenage girls taken to hospital after shooting in Pittsburgh’s Homewood neighborhood

PITTSBURGH — Two teenage girls were rushed to a hospital Thursday after someone shot them. One of the teens is in critical condition.

Two bullet holes show part of the aftermath of the late morning shooting in Homewood.

One of bullet holes was on a power pole, and the other went into a window of a nearby home.

A woman who was working as a caretaker at the home told Channel 11 it was terrifying.

“I heard four to six gunshots while sitting in the living room. For my safety, me and my client, I had to pull her into the kitchen. She’s hard of hearing and she heard the gunshot. It was loud,” the woman said.

She then saw the two teenage girls who were shot.

Police say both victims are 18 years old.

“I looked out the living room and saw one body on the ground. The other victim was standing up,” she said.

According to investigators, someone shot the two girls in the back, and it was after some sort of confrontation.

Thursday, a spokesperson from Mayor Gainey’s office addressed the violence in Pittsburgh, specifically in Homewood.

Press secretary Maria Montano said they had implemented a rapid response learning session in Homewood by working with community groups to examine social conditions that lead to violence.

“I know some of you are looking for immediate results from this effort, but as the mayor likes to say, there are no microwave meals when it comes to long-lasting change and peace in our city,” Montano said.

Montano said they have made progress in Homewood when it comes to violence, and have had “only” five shootings there since April, with the exception of the two teens shot on Thursday.

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