Police: 3-month-old baby dies after being left inside car for hours, victim identified

UPPER ST. CLAIR, Pa. — Allegheny County police is investigating the death of a three-month-old boy.

Officers were called to the 300 block of Fort Couch Road in Upper Saint Clair around 5 p.m. Thursday.

Once they were on scene, officers found an unresponsive infant, later identified as Kayden Nguyen by the Medical Examiner’s Office.

Paramedics attempted to save the infant but he was pronounced dead at the scene.

Police said investigators determined the little boy was left inside a parent’s vehicle for several hours.

Homicide detectives are assisting in the investigation and put out the following statement:

“Detectives are working to confirm the timeline of events through surveillance video in the area.  They are also downloading and reviewing  data from the vehicle’s on board computer. Our department is working closely with the Allegheny County District Attorney’s Office and the Medical Examiner’s Office.  When the Medical Examiner’s Office determines the cause and manner of death a charging decision will be made.”

No further information will be released until a charging decision has been made, according to police.

Anyone with information is asked to call the County Police Tip Line at 1-833-ALL-TIPS.

Kids and Car Safety provided the following safety tips for parents and caregivers:

Safety Tips for Parents and Caregivers

Create simple habits to help keep your child safe.

Make sure your child is never left alone in a car

  • Place the child’s diaper bag or item in the front passenger seat as a visual cue that the child is with you.
  • Make it a habit of opening the back door every time you park to ensure no one is left behind. To enforce this habit, place an item that you can’t start your day without in the back seat (employee badge, laptop, phone, handbag, etc.)
  • Ask your childcare provider to call you right away if your child hasn’t arrived as scheduled.
  • Clearly announce and confirm who is getting each child out of the vehicle. Miscommunication can lead to thinking someone else removed the child.

Make sure children cannot get into a parked car:

  • Keep vehicles locked at all times, especially in the garage or driveway. Ask neighbors and visitors to do the same.
  • Never leave car keys within reach of children.
  • Use childproofing knob covers and door alarms to prevent children from exiting your home unnoticed.
  • Teach children to honk the horn or turn on hazard lights if they become stuck inside a car.
  • If a child is missing, immediately check the inside, floorboards and trunk of all vehicles in the area carefully, even if they’re locked.

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