Allegheny County

Allegheny Co. man says he received two mail-in ballots for June primary

PITTSBURGH — A local man is trying to get answers after he says he was sent two mail-in ballots for the upcoming primary.

Patrick Worm talked to Channel 11’s Ryan Houston after posting about the ballots on social media.

"You sit there and you say, ‘Hey, I really wonder how good of a record that the government offices have to be able to just send out mail in votes or mail in proxies.’ It's really concerning to me," Worm said.

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Worm told Houston his son has the same name but a different middle initial. The two men are also registered with different parties, and both ballots were for the Republican primary.

"I'm hoping to hear from elections bureau and I really do want to find out what they're doing to safeguard, that they aren't just mailing these out to potentially deceased people, or they're not mailing them out to double mailouts,” Worm said.

Houston took Worm’s concerns to the Allegheny County Board of Elections and received a statement about two separate issues of people receiving multiple ballot applications and what would happen if a person sent in two ballots.

"When elections announced that we would be sending out applications, the division noted that there would likely be overlap. In addition to the applications being sent by elections, there are a large number of campaigns and committees which are also sending the applications out.”

“If someone received two ballots they can only vote once. The first one returned would be marked as received and all others would be rejected.”