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Woman’s body found inside refrigerator 20 feet from boyfriend’s apartment door

MCKEES ROCKS, Pa. — Police have charged a man with abuse of a corpse after a missing woman’s body in a fridge was found inside a McKees Rocks apartment building.

Kristy Jefferson, 38, had been reported missing last week. And Monday night, police determined that it was her body discovered in the McKees Rocks building.

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Daryl Jones, 40, has now been charged with abuse of a corpse.

Neighbors reported a foul smell coming from a refrigerator in the apartment hallway.

A neighbor opened it and discovered Jefferson’s body with a tan sheet.

The refrigerator was located on the second-floor hallway at the top of the stairs and had been turned so that the doors faced the wall. It no longer worked and was placed there to likely be thrown out.

The refrigerator where her body was found is roughly 20 feet from the front door of Jones’ apartment.

Jefferson’s family said they last saw her April 26 on FaceTime and asked for a welfare check.

Friends and family members of Jefferson showed up at the apartment building Monday to look for information and to share what they know about Jefferson’s disappearance with homicide detectives.

Margie Martin lives in the building on Helen Street where Jefferson’s body was found and told Channel 11 she and a few other residents noticed a strong smell. They then opened the fridge to see what was causing it.

“I’m traumatized cause I’ve never lived in a building with so much activity,” Martin said.

Martin told Channel 11′s Renee Wallace the body in the fridge was a woman. She said it appeared to be the body of a woman whom she had previously seen in an apartment.

“Wednesday this time last week was the last time I seen this young lady because I knocked on her door. She came to the door, and I thought everything was OK,” Martin said.

Jefferson had been reported missing last week. According to court paperwork, family and neighbors reported that Jones and Jefferson had a violent past. Officers said they had to check on that address several times.

“I wish I had known something. I could have helped her,” Martin said.

Jefferson’s sisters said she was a mother of four. Jefferson’s cause and manner of death have not yet been determined.

Anyone with information about the woman’s death is asked to call the County Police Tip Line at 1-833-ALL-TIPS. Callers can remain anonymous.

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