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Mother seeking answers after son allegedly groped in bathroom at Propel Montour Elementary

ALLEGHENY COUNTY, Pa. — A local mom said she abruptly pulled her son out of school at Propel Montour Elementary after an older student allegedly cornered her son in the bathroom and groped him.

“As he was washing his hands they started saying, ‘Him right there, let’s rape him!’” said Kayla Valorie.

Valorie told Channel 11 her child came home panicked and afraid after the incident last month.

She said her son told her two older boys in fifth grade cornered him in the boys’ bathroom and that one allegedly groped him.

“He was tugging on his pants and touched his private area multiple times. My son then began kicking and punching,” Valorie said.

Valorie said her son got away and immediately told a teacher, but she shared she and her husband were not notified. When she called the principal, she said he refused to tell her if an investigation would take place.

Channel 11 reached out to the district on Monday, and we were only told that the situation had been addressed.

Valorie said that is unacceptable.

“My son still has problems with going to the bathroom by himself in public areas [now],” Valorie said.

She also worries about the boy who allegedly attacked her son and wondered where he learned such dangerous behavior.

“We don’t know if this has happened to any other children, and we don’t know if something is happening to him at home,” Valorie added.

She said these were all things the school failed to address.

“At least show me that you’re trying to protect my son, and they didn’t, so that’s why I pulled him,” Valorie said.

The family reported the incident to the police and the Office of Children Youth and Family. Allegheny County police are now investigating.

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