Allegheny County

Residents in Ross Township asking large commercial tree trimming business in neighborhood to close

ROSS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Neighbors on Transvaal Avenue say a man who isn’t a Ross Township resident has been operating a large commercial tree trimming business in their neighborhood, which is zoned residential, and they want it to stop.

“It’s been completely disturbing,” one neighbor tells Channel 11. “It’s loud, it’s a constant sound of dumping.”

For two and a half years, neighbors say they’ve woken up to the sound of chainsaws,  woodchippers and dump trucks. People who have lived on Transvaal Avenue for 47 years say their once-quiet street has been ruined.

“Now, when I open my front door, I am seeing nothing but a disaster,” another neighbor tells Channel 11 News. “Kids can’t even play outside because of the dump trucks coming up and down the road.”

A couple of years ago, neighbors say the land on Transvaal Avenue was lush and full of wildlife.  Now they say it’s barren, with dozens of trees cut down and a full-blown tree-trimming business operating in the middle of their neighborhood.

“It looks like a bomb has gone off here,” a neighbor adds. “It’s truly unbelievable.”

Neighbors say with the hundreds of trucks that have dumped materials here, they’re concerned about their health and the environment.

“I’m very concerned with the trucks that have been dumping over there,” neighbors added.  “Maybe hazardous materials have been dumped in our neighborhood.”

Channel 11 is staying on top of this story. Look for the very latest on the zoning board’s vote on WPXI Tonight.