Ambridge couple has raised more than $100K for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital

AMBRIDGE, Pa. — A Beaver County couple crossed a major milestone - and it all has to do with their Christmas light display.

Bob and Denise Dunn have raised more than $100,000 for kids with cancer.

It started with three strands of lights and a nativity and has grown massively.

The light display on Maplewood Avenue in Ambridge has drawn onlookers for 30 years and donations for the last 15.

The mission started with a stranger who asked if the couple was raising money.

“He gave us a bottle of champagne, we went in the house, I turned the TV on when I was changing and the St. Jude commercial came on. That’s a sign,” the Dunns explained.

This year - a major milestone. They started the season just $13,000 shy of $100,000 raised.

So far, they’ve raised more than $16,000 with time left on the clock.

“First thing they asked us, ‘How much do you take out for your light bill, for your time? None of it. What goes in that box, that’s all St. Jude,” the Dunn’s explained.

Bob tells Channel 11 that he starts decorating in mid-October. The light display kicks on Thanksgiving night.

“The response has been excellent and, I’ve got to say the weather has been good, too,” Bob said.

You can often find the Dunns dressed up as Santa and Mrs. Clause greeting guests.

They say they’ve had several former patients of St. Jude stop by over the years.

Seeing them, they say, makes it all worth it.

it doesn’t matter how high the electric bill would be or anything else. We would still do that,” the Dunns said.

The best way to donate is by putting money in the box. The box and the lights will be up through Jan. 7.

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