Man in custody after allegedly carjacking two people at Penn Hills GetGo

PENN HILLS, Pa. — One person is in custody after he allegedly carjacked two people from a Penn Hills GetGo.

Officers were dispatched early Friday morning to the GetGo Frankstown Road, after police say Gerardo Mena-Caraballo got into a woman’s car as she was filling up at the pump.

A criminal complaint states the victim tried to get Mena-Caraballo out of her vehicle, but instead he accelerated, dragging the victim several feet. She eventually fell to the ground, injuring her leg and arm.

“In the process of trying to get away, he struck a utility pole and my client sustained some injuries,” said the victim’s attorney, Todd Hollis. “I’m glad that she is safe. This could have turned out to be much worse than what it already is.”

The crash happened at the intersection of Frankstown and Beulah roads, knocking out power to the traffic lights. Officials at the scene told Channel 11 the intersection will be closed for a while because the pole needs to be replaced. The traffic light control box was also heavily damaged.

Police say the ordeal doesn’t end there. After Mena-Caraballo struck the utility pole, he got out of the car, ran back to the GetGo and carjacked another person at the pump.

The suspect ended up driving a short distance before the owner of that car pulled him out. Mena-Caraballo, who police say admitted to being high on Fentanyl, fled the area on foot but was quickly caught.

Mena-Caraballo told police he is homeless. Employees of the GetGo say before Friday morning’s incidents he was in the store acting erratically and was asked to leave.

Mena-Caraballo now faces several charges including robbery of a motor vehicle and simple assault.