Channel 11 Exclusive: Interview with new PPS superintendent, Dr. Wayne Walters

PITTSBURGH — PPS is the second largest school district in the state and Dr. Wayne Walters says he’s ready to be the Superintendent. He talked to Channel 11 about everything from budget issues, district staffing shortages and how the pandemic affected student learning.

“Change is a process. It’s not an event. So, we did not get here in five minutes and it’s going to take longer than five minutes to remedy.”

Dr. Walters says he plans to use his time working in the district as a teacher and principal to address violence like student fights and guns found near school property. But he tells Channel 11 he needs the community’s help.

“We’re not a violent district and I don’t view our students as violent people. This year we have found no weapons in our building. They’ve been outside and sometimes not on our property. But it’s been the strong work of our safety department that have found those.”

Dr. Walters tells us that he’s going into the district’s schools, football games and churches to speak directly with students, teachers and parents.

“As a former musician, we need a well-tuned band moving our students in the right direction around their outcomes and their experiences. And so, I think that will be our biggest challenge,” said Dr. Walters.

Dr. Walters says he’ll be able to judge his overall success based on student outcomes and addressing other issues in the district.

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