City of Pittsburgh closing certain roads as precaution ahead of winter storm

PITTSBURGH — Hours before a winter storm could hit our area, city officials are working to finalize their winter plans before the snow begins to fall and the roads start to freeze.

“In these conditions, we cannot pretreat, so we are anticipating that the roads could be treacherous tomorrow. We are asking everyone to stay home,” Public Works Director Chris Hornstein told Channel 11.

But in case everyone can’t stay home Friday morning, the city decided to preemptively shut down six roads that could be dangerous in icy conditions.

The following streets will be closed:

  • Capitol Avenue in Beechview
  • Newett Street and Copperfield Avenue in Carrick
  • South Negley Avenue
  • Suffolk Street in Fineview
  • Rialto Street in Troy Hill

“That’s going to take a lot of man power to run around putting up all kinds of horses and yellow tape,” Beechview resident, Bob Morton said.

In addition to closing down the six streets, all crews are working overnight into tomorrow and will be salting roads when the rain moves out.

Mayor Ed Gainey told Channel 11 that people staying off the roads will be key for crews to clear the streets.

“We are asking other employers in the city to allow their employees to be off. Wedon’t know how bad this storm is going to be, but in order to treat the streets and make sure that they’re ready we need people to be out of the streets,” Mayor Gainey said.

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