Cranberry Township brings back ‘Keep Kids Alive’ anti-speeding campaign

CRANBERRY TOWNSHIP, Pa. — There are only a few days of school left in the Seneca Valley School District, which means neighborhoods will soon be full of kids playing outside. Cranberry Township is doing its part to keep them safe.

From June 7-21 and August 23-September 6, the Keep Kids Alive/Slow Down campaign will be in full effect in several neighborhoods. The collaboration between the township and Homeowner’s Associations is designed to encourage safe driving habits this summer, reminding drivers not to exceed the 25 MPH speed limit.

“It’s absolutely needed. People go way too fast through this neighborhood, they come flying down this street right here and don’t seem to have regard that there’s kids walking around here all the time,” said Andrew Sassaman, whose family lives in Cranberry West. “It’s definitely a neighborhood where you need to be going 25 or less in here.”

When Summertime hits, you’ll find Andy Lariviere’s kids running around outside, so he is in favor of the program starting back up.

“We live on the curve here, so they’ll come around the curve, and it’s kind of like a blind spot,” Lariviere said. “Our kids play with the other kids across the street, so they’re running back and forth across the street. They’re good at looking both ways, but still…if there are fast cars coming, and sometimes, if they forget, it can be dangerous.”

In addition to the hundreds of signs posted throughout each neighborhood, Cranberry police said they’ll be increasing patrols and utilizing electronic speed signs that will be used to collect data, telling them how many drivers were speeding on any given day and how many reacted.

Police encourage any neighborhoods that aren’t currently enrolled in the program to do so by visiting the township’s website.

“Not just for the kids, there’s also parents walking their dogs, animals around here all the time,” Sassaman said.

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