Customers struggling to get jewelry back after local store closes

PITTSBURGH — Some customers are struggling to get their jewelry back after a store in Robinson closed with no explanation.

“It’s just extremely frustrating,” said Katie Bonwell. “I brought it in for a simple repair, and now I can’t get it back.”

Bonwell is talking about her wedding band. She says she dropped her ring off to L.S. Jewelers in October and was told the repairs could take between six to eight weeks. On Dec. 13, she received a call from the jewelry store saying her ring was ready. But when she tried to pick it up, the store was closed.

“I gave it another week,” said Bonwell. “Tried to go out again, and I saw they were closed again. It was very strange to me.”

Bonwell says she even tried to get information from nearby businesses, including the business where Jennifer Muscaro works.

“It’s been a thriving business up until the last few weeks,” said Jennifer Muscaro. “We don’t know what happened.”

Muscaro says the last time they saw the owners at the jewelry store was Dec. 30.

“Just numerous people coming up to the door,” said Muscaro. “We just see them come up to the door and then walk back to the car, like, frustrated. I hope everything is OK with the owners. It is kind of shocking. "

“They’ve been so nice up until they’ve just disappeared,” said Bonwell.

Bonwell reached out to another customer after seeing a post from someone else trying to get their rings back. Chrissy Talmonti Waugh says she’s been calling and even messaging the jewelry store’s Facebook page, threatening legal action. Last week, Waugh received an automated response and about eight hours later, a thumbs-up image. After that, Bonwell called Robinson Police.

“They said they’ve had so many people call with similar complaints,” said Bonwell. “They said they had a woman who dropped off her wedding ring of 57 years, and she can’t get it back. I can’t imagine how she would be feeling. I’m sure there are people that don’t even know there’s an issue and are just waiting on their jewelry thinking everything is OK. So I want them to know it’s a problem, and they should probably contact the Robinson Police Department.”

“L.S. Jewelers is currently a tenant,” said Zamagias Properties Senior Legal Counsel Daniel Gustine. “Beyond that, we can’t provide any further comment at this time.”

“I just want my ring back,” said Bonwell.

The owner of L.S. Jewelers, Alexis Shaw, provided the following statement to Channel 11:

“Due to unforeseen personal circumstances L.S. Jewelers is temporarily closed. We fully intend to return Every Customers piece of merchandise.  I am sincerely sorry for not informing the customers sooner of this delay and appreciate your cooperation and patience while we navigate through this difficult process. We are working on the schedule for pick ups and will post the Date and times as soon as possible.”

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