Drivers, bikers reporting pothole problems in Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH — Drivers and bikers have been sending requests to Pittsburgh leaders to fill numerous potholes popping up across the region.

Several 311 reports have been sent to the city over the last several days, as travelers fear for their cars.

“Horrible, car-busting potholes on S. Aiken,” wrote one user this week.

Channel 11 traveled to that Bloomfield street and did spot several large craters in the area of Coral Street.

Some of the other pothole locations noted in 311 complaints appeared to have been filled.

We spotted several others across town, including many around Riverview Park in Perry North. Drivers and cyclists told us the craters are a concern.

We reached out to the city to ask about the efforts to fix the potholes.

Emily Bourne, a press officer with the Mayor’s Office, said that the Department of Public Works fills potholes year-round.

“The department utilizes the appropriate material for the season. So, right now that’s cold patch—which is less durable but can be used to help make a hole safe and passable, and most importantly for this current season can be used in colder temperatures. Hot patch is the preferred material, but is only available when the asphalt plants are open, which is generally from April to November,” Bourne said.

In addition to residents being asked to report potholes to 311, Bourne said “DPW’s Streets Maintenance Divisions routinely note locations of potholes observed as part of their daily duties. Those observations and the 311′s get loaded into the Pothole Dashboard, which compiles all that data and allows our staff to see the geographical location of all potholes in their respective areas.”

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