Families in Brookline speaking out against speeding after hit-and-run incident

BROOKLINE, Pa. — Residents on Pioneer Avenue in Brookline said they’re fed up with the speeding and crashes happening on their street. 

On Thursday night, a family told Channel 11 that a woman was involved in and hit-and-run on Pioneer Avenue. They fear someone is going to be seriously hurt or killed if something isn’t done soon.

“It’s like a racetrack from that stop sign to up there,” Henry Robins told Channel 11.

“It’s really scary,” Denise Desiderio added. “It seems like you’re taking your life in your hands.”

This stretch is lined with homes occupied by families with little kids and pets, an elementary school and a church. But the people we talked to said these do not slow drivers down.

“When people come from West Liberty, they hit the stop sign and then they just think this is a race way,” Jackie Hite told Channel 11. “They’re probably doing 60 by the time they hit my house.”

On Thursday night, family members said a woman who lives on Pioneer was hit and the car just took off. Her family told Channel 11 that she was shaken up, but on the mend. Residents said this road has been trouble for decades.

“My sister’s cat was killed by a car here, the neighbor’s dog was killed,” Hite added.

Some neighbors said they won’t even park along the street because of all of the cars that have been hit.

“I have to get in on the driver’s side and when I open my door, I’m scared to death,” Desiderio said.

“There have been numerous cars hit here, it’s been maybe once a month,” Robins added.

Residents said they want to see something done and suggest a speed bump as an option.

“A speed bump please!” Desiderio said. “That’s what I’m hoping for — a speed bump. Those seem to be the only things that work.”

We reached out to Pittsburgh police late in the day to see if they had anyone in custody for the crash, but we have not heard back yet.