Former nurse accused of giving patients lethal doses of insulin has outburst in court

PITTSBURGH — An outburst in court raised concern Friday afternoon.

According to the Attorney General’s Office, Heather Pressdee, 41, pled not guilty to killing two patients and attempting to kill nearly two dozen more. But Friday in court, she allegedly implied that she wanted to plead guilty. We spoke with her attorney who said her outburst came from a place of frustration.

“I think there is a sense of frustration,” said Phil DiLucente, Pressdee’s defense attorney.

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On Friday, Heather Pressdee’s attorneys asked the judge during a routine status hearing for a 90-day extension. The request, while standard, appeared to frustrate Pressdee who then had an outburst, and allegedly implied that she wanted to take a deal.

Pressdee, who worked at facilities across Western Pennsylvania cared for hundreds of patients. But last May, she was charged with two counts of first-degree murder for administering deadly doses of insulin. She was also charged with attempting to murder 17 other patients using the same method: overdosing.

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She pleaded not guilty last year, and Channel 11 News asked if something had changed.

“We’ve pled not guilty up to this point,” said defense attorney James DePasquale.

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According to her attorneys despite what was said in court, Pressdee is maintaining her innocence, and they say they will wait to review all the evidence.

“Once we get the rest of the discovery, once we review it, once she has an opportunity to review it, then we can intelligently discuss with her,” DePasquale said.

DiLucente added, “She is very coherent, she is very intelligent, and she has the capacity to completely understand each and everything.”

Pressdee will return to court in May.

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