2 big names plan to visit East Palestine this week as concerns over air, water quality grow

Two big names plan to visit East Palestine this week as concerns over air and water quality grow for residents.

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Donald Trump Jr. confirmed former President Donald Trump plans to head to East Palestine.

And environmental activist Erin Brockovich said she’s planning to visit Friday.

Brockovich said she’ll host a town hall and work with victims to get justice.

A lot of concerns seemed to be unresolved over the weekend after an unexpected guest paid a visit.

Alan Shaw, the CEO of Norfolk Southern, met with a small group of business owners and community members — many of whom are fuming as more questions linger over air and water quality.

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost sent a letter to Shaw, informing him that his office is considering a lawsuit against the company as the investigation into the derailment continues.

In an interview with NBC Ohio affiliate WFMJ, the CEO declined to answer specific questions about cleanup concerns at the site.

The EPA is saying there are still no water quality concerns as air and water testing continues.