Innocent bystander grazed by bullet in downtown Pittsburgh shooting

PITTSBURGH — A woman, who police say was an innocent bystander, was grazed by a bullet in downtown Pittsburgh Tuesday afternoon. This shooting comes just days ahead of the city’s busy Light Up Night tradition. The city is anticipating thousands of people flooding the streets of downtown Pittsburgh to take part in the holiday festivities.

It’s a huge concern for officials and residents.

“I just came down and noticed that there were police standing on the corner — couple of cop cars,” said Ryan Auld.

Police said that just after 12 p.m., a 911 caller reported a shooting on Fourth Avenue at Smithfield Street. When officers arrived, they found a woman who had been grazed by a bullet.

“This was a dispute between two individuals and then one shot was fired. The woman we believe was not a part of the initial dispute,” confirmed Maurice Matthews, the public information officer for Pittsburgh Police Department.

She is yet another innocent bystander impacted by the ongoing gun violence across the city. Last month on the North Side, two innocent women were killed when they were caught in crossfire on Cedar Avenue while waiting for a bus.

And again, in Brighton Heights just days later — at least two women were among several people who were shot in front of a church while attending a funeral on Benton Avenue.

“I mean, that’s the other scary thing, there was a shooting a couple of months back, and a kid was injured,” Auld said.

Auld, who lives and works downtown, said that’s what worries him the most: getting caught at the wrong place at the wrong time.

“Walking around down here, working down here, it’s something that you don’t think about but it’s something that could happen,” Auld said.

Following the shooting, Mayor Ed Gainey released the following statement:

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