Jury deliberations continue in Club Erotica shooting trial

ALLEGHENY COUNTY, Pa. — As of Friday evening, things are complicated in the Club Erotica trial that’s been going on for a week.

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The jury has told the judge they have a verdict on one of the charges, but not the other, and it’s unclear which they’ve decided on.

They’ll resume deliberating on Monday in an effort to come up with a full verdict.

It’s the second day in a row that the jury deliberated the case of Khalil Walls, who is charged with the death of Christopher Butler.

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Butler and Seth McDermit were both killed back in January 2021 after a violent fight outside of Club Erotica.

“Typically when you have a jury deliberating for two days and you cannot come to a unanimous decision, it would appear to me this is a hung jury,” defense attorney Phil DiLucente told Channel 11.

DiLucente thinks his team could ask for a mistrial.

“I have asked for motion to mistrials, meaning a hung jury, and the judge says, ‘No, I want to be more patient and give them another day,’” DiLucente said.

Prosecutors are asking the jury to find Walls guilty of murder, and were likely surprised to hear one of Friday’s questions from the jury, when they asked about the details of an manslaughter charge.

“If you’re looking at involuntary manslaughter, it can go from probation to house arrest or incarceration,” he said.

This case is especially emotional for everyone involved, after last year a jury found the second suspect, Christopher Becher, guilty in the death of the second victim, McDermit.

But Judge Mariani vacated that sentence, which is highly unusual, and said Becher deserved a new trial.

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