Lightning bolt traveled through Brookline home during last week’s storms

PITTSBURGH — Intense storms blew through the area Thursday night toppling trees and power lines. In Pittsburgh’s Brookline neighborhood, lightning hit a tree and went through a man’s bedroom.

Brad Fallos says he was just lying in bed watching TV Thursday night when lightning shot through his bedroom.

“It was really scary,” said Fallos. “I’ve never seen anything like it. It was so loud, and the house went black. There was dust and smoke. It was just... Wow!”

Fallos says he and his girlfriend ran out of the house on Seaton Street thinking it was on fire.

“I yelled across the street,” said Fallos. “They were watching, waiting to go to dinner. I yelled is my house on fire? Is my roof burning? No, but we saw and felt it.”

Fallos says the firefighters who responded that night told him he’s lucky to be alive.

“Someone’s watching me,” said Fallos. “Someone’s watching me for sure.”

And days later, Fallos says he’s still shaking and worries about the next storm.

“I was scared,” said Fallos. “I thought I was going to die.”

Reminders surround him of just how lucky he really is to be alive and well.

“We got big holes over here,” said Fallos “Over here. Back there. I got them down over here. I got the burn mark on the window seal. The air conditioner was there. We’re safe. We’re alive. Thankful for God for that. It’s just a traumatic thing.”

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