Local cat rescue group under investigation after deplorable conditions found inside

WESTMORELAND COUNTY, Pa. — A few cats are still left roaming outside of a trailer affiliated with the Cat Aid Network — a rescue group now left in limbo after humane officers discovered a horrid situation inside a Derry Township trailer.

“I didn’t even know that there was a trailer, let alone what was happening in the trailer,” foster Missy Lamonaca said.

As many as 70 cats were saved by surrounding rescue groups like Ninth Life Rescue, Cat Rangers and Frankie’s Friends.

“We saw conditions that were, of course, not suitable for the cats to be living in. There was typical of hoarding situations, a lot of fecal material, urine and kitties that needed some veterinary care,” Dr. Becky Morrow of Frankie’s Friends said.

There are still over 160 cats in the rescue’s foster homes.

Lamonaca fosters 13 cats for the rescue. She said she feels left in the dark by those who ran the organization.

“They are unresponsive to any text messages, Facebook messages, any phone calls, anything like that,” Lamonaca said.

The rescue’s founder and treasurer have since resigned.

No criminal charges have been filed, but a humane officer with Frankie’s Friends is actively investigating the Cat Aid Network.

Meanwhile, the surrounding agencies that responded are nursing these cats back to good health.

“We have a couple that are pretty sick, but one passed away, unfortunately. But the rest are looking better already,” Morrow said.

“Even if those of us that are still there wanted to continue to do rescue, Cat Aid’s name is tarnished by this,” Lamonaca said.

Channel 11 made multiple attempts to reach out to the founder of the rescue group, but did not hear back.

Those volunteers left with Cat Aid Network said if you have concerns about a recent donation you made, call your local authorities.

If you would like to donate to any of the agencies involved, you can donate by clicking below:

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