Weddings end early at popular Allegheny County wedding venue due to noise, neighbor complaints

ALLEGHENY COUNTY, Pa. — Neighbors we talked to say the sound carries at Hartwood Acres depending on where you live.

Others tell Channel 11 they will never do business with this venue again after the way they were treated.

“It was heartbreaking,” said Kelly Hall, owner of Kelly Lynn Weddings, a local wedding planning company. “You plan every last moment of your wedding day. To miss even the last song is a missed moment that’s so important to these couples.”

Hall said police came this weekend and shut down her client’s wedding at Hartwood Acres because of neighbors’ complaints.

“A certain point in the night when neighbors nearby called the cops came and stopped the band and just put an end to the entire party,” she explained.

Heather Davis is also a wedding planner.

“I’ve been doing weddings in Pittsburgh for almost six years, and this has never happened to me,” Davis said.

She told Channel 11 that one of her weddings this wedding season also ended early with the police called. She tells us when that happens, the couples lose money they paid for the DJ, alcohol, and venue.

“I will never coordinate a wedding at Hartwood Acres again. Because they’re setting me up to fail, and my couples deserve better,” Davis said. “And I can’t do my job under these circumstances.”

We reached out to Allegheny County officials who oversee the park where the wedding receptions are held. They sent the following statement:

“As you may be aware, Hartwood Acres is a popular wedding destination, particularly during the summer and fall months. The venue also hosts concerts, movies and other events that can be enjoyed by residents from throughout the county and beyond. It is, however, nestled in the middle of several neighborhoods and is surrounded by residential properties.

“We were notified by the township that residents who live in the vicinity of the park expressed concerns with the volume of outdoor wedding events at the pavilion. We were asked by those officials to address the issue, and thank them for reaching out to us regarding these concerns.

“We want the park to be a good neighbor while also allowing county residents to enjoy the many amenities and features of the park. We will continue to work to find that balance.”

The wedding planners told Channel 11 they’re advising clients to not use the venue anymore because their big day may not be what they planned.

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