Local councilwoman facing charges after police say she punched an officer

BELLEVUE, Pa. — A local councilwoman is facing criminal charges after police say she punched an officer.

Court documents say that Bellevue councilwoman Sabreena Miller assaulted the officer as he was responding to an incident in her home.

Officers were called to Sumner Avenue in Bellevue on Saturday for reports of a man who had stabbed himself at around 3:47 a.m.

When police arrived, they found John Miller standing in the doorway. They said he had a towel wrapped around his right leg and was bleeding on the floor. John Miller told the officers that he had a knife dropped which caused the cut.

One officer went into the kitchen of the home to investigate further and found two knives on the ground and puddles of blood on the floor. Once in the kitchen, the officer said he met Sabreena Miller near the bathroom. According to police paperwork, the officer said that she came at him, told him to get out of her house and asked why he was there.

The officer told her he was called there and mentioned her husband was bleeding from a stab wound at the front door. The officer said he smelled alcohol on Sabreena Miller’s breath as she began to scream at him and push him saying he had no right to be there. Police noticed that she had scratch marks on her neck.

Police say Miller punched an officer in the back of the head while they were investigating and then got into a struggle with him. Court documents said both officers were required to secure her and she was placed under arrest.

Sabreena Miller is being held at the Allegheny County Jail and faces charges of aggravated assault and resisting arrest.

John Miller also faces simple assault charges due to the scratches found on his wife’s neck.

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