Local mom warning other parents after son, 6, falls ill from ingesting marijuana

PITTSBURGH — A local mom is putting out a warning to other parents after rushing her 6-year-old son to the hospital with a mysterious illness.

Butler County mom Ashley Stadelmaier said her family had a huge scare when her son started acting strange.

Her husband, Ryan, tried feeding their son hoping that would help.

Their son was unable to hold his spoon without shaking and then he passed out.

The Stadelmaiers later learned their son had eaten marijuana.

“The doctors are thinking neurological issues, long-term stuff, they thought he was having seizures because he was kind of convulsing by the time we got there, it was terrifying,” Stadelmaier said.

Once they got to Children’s Hospital, doctors ran multiple tests and confirmed he likely ingested a marijuana gummy

Ashley said she and Ryan don’t use marijuana, so they figured he had eaten it elsewhere.

“You’re not thinking about the dangers of this, that anybody could have anything in their pockets that may have fallen out,” she said.

Police were notified and a report was filed but officers couldn’t confirm where the child got the substance.

Ashley is warning other parents to watch out and tell their kids.

“In their mind, they’re thinking germs, and I was too. I was never thinking drugs,” Stadelmaier said.

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