Man facing charges after injuries sent his infant son to the hospital

PITTSBURGH — Seven-month-old Jaylon Bundridge’s bones are healed but we’ve learned he suffers from seizures as a result of his injuries. Pittsburgh police say the baby’s father Chauncy Goggins is to blame.

Jaylon spent three weeks in the ICU at UPMC Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and he also wore a neck brace for three months.

“I was like heartbroken. I was like, it’s hard to like, explain, but like I didn’t even know how to react because it was like my baby. He’s hurt,” said his mother, Winne Shanks.

Shanks says Jaylon’s father, Chauncy Goggins, kept their son for a few days in August 2021. Shanks tells Channel 11 after a few days, Goggins sent her a text saying she needed to come to Children’s Hospital.

“Come to find out he has broken ribs. Both of his legs was like broken and tore a ligament in the back of his neck. He had dots over his eyes like he had shook him or something like that,” said Shanks.

The criminal complaint states Goggins was staying with his girlfriend while babysitting Jaylon. The girlfriend told police that Jaylon was fine when she left for work that morning back in August. But a few hours later, Goggins called her and said something was wrong with baby Jaylon.

The complaint claims Jaylon couldn’t focus his eyes. Jaylon was breathing heavily, and his body was limp including his head, arms and legs. Authorities say that eventually, Goggins took Jaylon to the hospital.

“I kept asking him in the hospital what happened. He kept saying he didn’t know what happened. He says he was chilling with him and he doesn’t know what happened,” said Shanks.

Pittsburgh police went through Shanks’ phone and looked at pictures of Jaylon before he went to stay with his father.

Officers say they didn’t find any signs of injuries until after Jaylon was in his father’s care.

Earlier this week, police arrested Goggins.

“I’m happy. He deserves to be behind bars for what he did because my son does need justice. I’m glad they finally got him behind bars,” said Shanks.

Goggins is currently held without bond in Allegheny County Jail. He’s facing three counts of aggravated assault and one count of endangering the welfare of children.