Millvale apartment complex tenants removed from homes under new management

MILLVALE, Pa. — Tenants of a Millvale apartment complex said they knew that the old Chrismar sign would be coming down as new management came in, but what they didn’t know is that they too would be out.

“It might be legal what they are doing, but it’s a rotten thing to do,” said tenant Bob Laine.

Laine has lived in the Chrismar Building in Millvale for the past three years. He said it was affordable on his fixed income before it was recently purchased in October.

“(A) new company comes in and gave us all a ‘welcome to the family’ letter,” said Laine.

However, the letter from management was anything but welcoming.

“About a week later, we got a ‘you must get out’ letter,” said Laine.

The eviction notice gave tenants until Nov. 30, just weeks, to pack up. Laine said the new owners told him they wanted to renovate the units and construction couldn’t begin until they were out.

“There are crews in there now while we’re still trying to find apartments, pack and move out,” said Laine.

From hanging wires to loud exhaust fans and hallways that aren’t heated, Laine shared that construction began almost immediately, and to make matters, worse he and some other tenants haven’t found a new place.

“If your income isn’t at least triple the rent, no one wants to even talk to you. And everybody in this building, one way or another, has some kind of disability,” said Laine.

Tina Morris and her partner both use wheelchairs. They thought they’d be in the Chrismar forever, but they just found a new place yesterday.

“I’ve been a resident here in Millvale since 1991. That’s why we don’t want to move,” said Tina Morris.

New England Property Rentals did not get back to us. According to the tenants, the company offered to return their security deposits or relocate them to another local property, but tenants said it was nearly double the rent.

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