Man accused of hiding camera in Frick museum bathroom taken into custody

PITTSBURGH — As of Wednesday afternoon, Todd Bueschen is behind bars at the Allegheny County Jail.

Police say he planted a camera inside of a bathroom at the Frick Museum and five other cameras in unknown bathrooms.

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According to investigators, some images that were found on the camera show Bueschen setting up the device. The images show that there was a young child behind him in a stroller.

Amy Dresbold lives a few doors down from Bueschen.

“It really disturbs me. I mean, this is really disturbing,” she said.

We went to his Squirrel Hill neighborhood Wednesday, and no one answered his front door when we knocked.

His neighbors said he and his wife have a baby, and they were stunned to hear about his charges.

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“This is extremely disturbing to me. You would think somebody with a new baby, a young couple, would never be involved in this kind of crime,” Dresbold added.

According to investigators, there are 48 unknown victims that Bueschen recorded at the Frick, plus hundreds of other men, women and children who were recorded at other locations.

At least one of the victims was just 3 years old.

When police searched Bueschen’s home, detectives say they found cameras, laptops, USB sticks and cellphones. Those items were allegedly found in closets, backpacks, the basement, bedroom and in a room with a hot water tank.

We’ve learned Bueschen was an engineer at Bechtel Plant Machinery Inc. in Monroeville. A spokesperson for the plant said they were notified about this investigation earlier this month, and Bueschen has a security clearance.

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