Multiple units in apartment building on Pittsburgh’s South Side suspected to have bed bugs

PITTSBURGH — Out of 133 apartments in Carson Towers on the South Side, 14 of them are suspected to have bed bugs.

A spokesperson for Carson Towers said they shut down common areas yesterday to try to stop the spread, and are currently taking care of the affected areas.

Carson Towers is a seven-story apartment building.

Property managers met with residents two weeks ago about the issue, but Channel 11 has heard it’s been a problem for years. Residents said they’re trying to stay patient but want these bed bugs gone, once and for all.

“They’re doing what they’re supposed to be doing. It’s just taking them a while. I guess it costs money to do all of this,” said Mary Jozefowitz, who has lived in Carson Towers for seven years.

“They’re getting out of hand again. Nobody wants to live with them,” said resident Patrick Nieder.

Apartment inspections will be taking place Monday and Tuesday of next week. Below is the statement from Ed Cafasso at Carson Towers:

“The management team is following best practices to resolve this issue quickly and effectively. As of Thursday, access to common areas has been temporarily restricted until we inspect every apartment and treat any units that require it. Management has discussed these precautions with residents. We understand it may be an inconvenience, but we appreciate their cooperation and patience.”

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