New dad attacked officers on West Penn Hospital delivery floor hours after birth of baby, police say

PITTSBURGH — The happiest day of some couples’ lives took a turn Thursday when a new dad allegedly attacked officers in West Penn Hospital.

Derrick Means, 30, of Pittsburgh, allegedly caused quite a commotion on the labor and delivery floor.

“Nobody should have to witness that, especially while they’re giving birth. That’s a stressful thing as it is,” said Chloe Kocinski, who lives in Bloomfield and works as a NICU nurse.

The ordeal ended in a fight with multiple Highmark Health Police Officers, according to police paperwork.

“I feel bad for them, especially the ones that actually got hit, and I hope they’re alright,” said Bloomfield resident Maxwell Cianci.

According to the police report, Means punched two officers in the face and chest after they tried to escort him out of the hospital.

His girlfriend had just given birth to their child six hours earlier.

Doctors had not medically cleared the baby to go home yet but Means allegedly had other plans.

Police paperwork states he told hospital staff, “I don’t give a [expletive] who yinz are, the police, security, or whoever you think you are, you’re not stopping us from leaving!” as he tried to leave with his baby.

“I think, as a nurse in healthcare, that’s very scary, especially as a nurse that works with babies,” Kocinski said. “People taking babies that aren’t medically able to leave is endangerment of the child.”

Police attempted to use a taser to stop Means from leaving.

Officers say the taser did nothing, and that’s when Means started swinging at them.

He was eventually taken into custody, but the police report states the incident, “Caused alarm and fear to the other mothers, fathers, and visitors trying to enjoy their time with their newborn babies.”

“That’s such an intimate moment for these women who are giving birth and to have to deal with that going on in the same area, I’m sure, would be terrible,” Cianci said.

Means was arraigned Friday and released on non-monetary bond.

He’s charged with two counts of aggravated assault, among other charges.

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