Opening of new Pittsburgh homeless shelter delayed due to supply chain issues

PITTSBURGH — The city of Pittsburgh’s brand-new homeless shelter’s opening is being delayed because of supply chain issues.

The five-story, 43-room facility on Second Avenue was set to open this month, giving the city’s growing homeless population a new place to stay.

Council members say simple household items such as light switches are what is holding the opening up.

Once the shelter opens it will offer year-round shelter and a place for people to bring their pets, partners and possessions.

Today, people showed positive reactions to the new building, empathy, and kindness for the people who may have found themselves without a roof recently.

“I know a lot of people end up in situations where they can’t help themselves as much as they want to, maybe somewhere to stay helps you get back on your feet,” said Amani Blakney, a Pittsburgh resident.

Council members are really proud of this project but are hoping to come up with more permanent solutions for homeless people in the city. They are in the brainstorming phase, but they hope to find apartments with counselors to help them with securing jobs.

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