Some Shadyside residents having tires deflated, messages left behind

PITTSBURGH — People who live in Shadyside say their tires are being deflated with lentil beans and whoever is responsible is also leaving behind a message on their cars.

Nighttime surveillance video from a Shadyside viewer shows two people stopping by a car on Pembroke Place. That’s when the viewer believes lentils were placed inside the tire cap, allowing air to leak out.

A note was also placed on the windshield, reading, “Dear jagoff, This vehicle is too big for city streets. You’re going to run over a kid. For everybody’s safety, one or more of your tires might be deflated.”

So far, three people on Pembroke Place have reported having their tires deflated and have since notified police.

Now, the latest crime coupled with recent vandalisms to businesses and a sting of carjackings have people who call Shadyside home on edge.

“This is a great neighborhood, and we always walk around at night. It’s always been very safe. We walk around at night, so it’s disturbing. To find out there have been carjackings and tires that have been pieced… it’s incongruous,” said one resident.

Channel 11 asked Pittsburgh police for more information on the deflated tires and possible investigation, but we haven’t heard back.

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