Parents react to North Allegheny School Board decision to eliminate all library secretary positions

ALLEGHENY COUNTY, Pa. — Flipping through a paper book may seem old-fashioned.

“Our children are born in the age of technology,” said parent Jennie Leonard.

Leonard fears that this reliance is leading to the school board’s move to eliminate all North Allegheny library secretary positions.

“I was in utter shock and disbelief,” said parent Victoria Klaus.

That’s the reaction from parents across the district, and now there is a growing fear that the next step is to cut libraries entirely.

“Having books is an absolute must in my opinion,” Leonard said.

Some parents have started an online petition that continues to grow by the day. Their hope is to show the school board that kids need these positions for more than just checking out and returning books.

“Those children are looking to adults for guidance for helping them out with direction in where they are going to go after school,” Leonard said.

We asked the school district why it was looking to make the cuts and when a final vote will happen. All the district told Channel 11 was it cannot comment on personnel matters.

“I would just plead with them to please reconsider and while we understand what they are trying to accomplish, all of the taxpayers would rather pay into having books and having the option, rather than taking away from the children’s education,” Klaus said.

Parents are encouraging other parents to sign the petition and attend the next school board meeting on Sept. 21.

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