• Pittsburgh named one of the worst places to drive in country


    PITTSBURGH - It’s been a longstanding joke that driving in and around the city of Pittsburgh can be, well, tricky.

    Now, a new study confirms that joke, naming the city as one of the worst places to drive in the entire country.

    An Allstate Insurance study ranked Pittsburgh as the 22nd worst city to drive in out of the country’s largest 200 cities.

    "I think they're probably right. Because I think you can see a lot of people, you can tell that they're speeding.  A lot of people are still on their phones. I don't think they're paying attention.  So I would have to unfortunately have to agree with that," said Barb Trocchio of West View.

    Constant construction and changing traffic patterns could be to blame for the poor ranking, Channel 11’s Trisha Pittman said.

    "I would probably think so. I mean, Pittsburgh does a lot of construction.  So I would think that probably has something to do with it.  People not paying as much attention when they're driving in construction," said West View resident Charity Bangham.

    Pittman reported that the best ways to avoid accidents is to reduce speeds while traveling through the city. It’s also recommended that drivers allow extra space between their car and the vehicle in front of them.

    In low-lying areas, drivers need to be mindful of sharp turns, blind spots and children who sometimes play near the road.

    Allstate’s study also said Pittsburgh drivers have an accident once every seven years, on average.  

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