Pittsburghers react to new Pennsylvania license plate ruling

PITTSBURGH — When 11 News talked to drivers this afternoon, some didn’t even know that they had a license frame, let alone that they could be pulled over for it.

A new state appellate court ruling says no part of a driver’s license plate can be covered up, including the “visitpa.com” link at the bottom of the plate and the paint along the edges.

“The last thing we need to do is give police another trivial reason to stop as they are going about their day-to-day business,” said Andy Hoover with the ACLU. “The website on the license plate or the color that’s around the license plate color is hardly a sufficient reason to pull someone over.”

Hoover told us the new ruling also brings up the issue of racial profiling.

“Racial profiling is potentially an issue and can be at play with these stops,” he said.

Many drivers are wondering why this is even a priority.

“It definitely seems like, ‘Why is this a thing you’re prioritizing with everything going on in the world?’” said Emmalee Brammer.

11 News asked Pittsburgh police if they had a stance on this. A spokesperson told us they enforce all vehicle laws, but this is not something the bureau has identified as an immediate issue.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates as more information becomes available.

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