Pittsburgh officials: South Side parking ticketing stopping early due to safety

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh City officials say stepped-up safety efforts on the South Side are working. But, there is at least one area where leaders say they’d like to do better: parking.

It was an issue raised by several business owners and neighbors at the city’s recent meeting with members of the South Side Planning Forum.

It’s common for drivers to make spots of their own or stop in areas marked “no parking.” And, after 6 p.m., drivers are not ticketed for it.

“We had asked that we had police protection for enforcement officers. They haven’t been able to maintain that. So, my officers are working in that area up until 6 p.m.,” said Gwendolyn Bolden. She is the director of on-street and metered services at the Pittsburgh Parking Authority and spoke at the forum earlier this month.

Bolden says it has gotten too dangerous to enforce parking rules at night, especially in vacant parking lots.

“The enforcement officers are there to write tickets on cars. Even that became so difficult we had to pull for their safety,” Bolden said.

Channel 11 spoke with multiple people who work along East Carson Street. They say they understand the decision.

“I guess it’s understandable, especially considering what everybody hears about the South Side every night, every day. The last thing we want is anybody out late in the bad parts of town trying to give someone a parking ticket,” Amanda Wilkerson said. She is the bar manager at Bon Fire Food and Drink.

“I’ve worked here for a year now. I’ve seen enough stuff on my own end from just leaving the shop at night or coming in that none of it really surprises me at this point,” said Jeff Sotace, a tattoo artist at Kyklops.

Pittsburgh police officials tell us they have not received any formal complaint about the issue and can only comment on violations handled by their department.

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