Plans for new concert amphitheater in West Deer Township move forward

It might not look like much just yet, but this time next year, a large dirt lot on the campus of the No Offseason Sports Complex in West Deer Township will be transformed into a new amphitheater, offering concerts and entertainment to thousands of people.

For three months out of the year, soccer fields will be turned into tailgating space, and some of the campus might soon be unrecognizable, but it’s all part of the master plan.

“Summertime is about concerts, so we thought about having some concerts,” said Joe Voloch, director of operations at the No Offseason Sports Complex. “They’re all going to want to come here.”

It’ll be built on the campus of Little Creek Deer Valley Road in the Russellton neighborhood, complete with stage lights, VIP seating, new-and-improved parking lots and much more.

Volock said the idea came about at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, when outdoor entertainment options became even more valuable. The goal is to bring big-name artists to an event with easy access and lots of tailgating space on the fields, freeing up 1,000 spots for parking only.

“We’ve, obviously over the last couple of months, heard horror stories about people actually missing shows at other events due to traffic. Our idea here is, we’ve developed a plan that is going to be convenient and easy…and you’re able to get in and out very quick,” Volock said.

The Trib reports West Deer Township imposed certain conditions the facility must comply with:

  • One event per week between May 1 and Sept. 30
  • No events during home Deer Lakes High School football games
  • 9 p.m. curfew Sunday-Thursday; 11 p.m. curfew Saturday & Sunday
  • Lots open 3 hours before event; close 90 min. afterwards
  • Noise levels must comply with township ordinances
  • Alcohol sales end 1 hour before event is over
  • Police must approve a traffic management and safety plan
  • Stage lighting focused on the stage or audience areas
  • No fireworks, lasers or pyrotechnics are allowed.
  • All parking must occur on the site’s property
  • Walk-ins prohibited
  • Property must be kept clean

Voloch said they’ve spoken with a few neighbors about potential concerns and are committed to working with them if issues arise.

“We’ve had traffic studies done to make sure that the traffic can go smoothly in and out. We’ve had sound studies done to make sure that whenever they’re here, we’re not disrupting the residents,” Voloch said.

Owners said the goal is to have the first concert by next July.

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