Port Authority releases cause of South Busway bridge shifting

PITTSBURGH — Port Authority has put out an update on conditions and repairs after closing the Saw Mill Run Boulevard Bridge last Friday due to shifting.

They say that engineers and consultants found that water penetrating a portion of the concrete support structure and expanding when temperatures got below freezing is likely the cause of the shift.

The bridge is still stable, but will remain closed for several weeks so repairs can be made. A more accurate timeline for the repairs is expected to be released next week, according to a press release.

The company says that motorists traveling under the bridge should not be impacted, but that the closure has had a large impact on the red line rail cars. All red line rail cars are having to travel using the blue line.

They say a rail shuttle is operating between Overbrook Junction and Potomac Station and a bus shuttle is operating between Potomac Station and Station Square. Both are running every 20 to 30 minutes, and neither shuttle is collecting fares.

Anyone with questions about the detours is asked to contact Port Authority by calling 412-442-2000 or by clicking here.