Proposed Pennsylvania Senate bill would give Turnpike drivers 50 percent refund on tolls

Pennsylvanians have heard a lot about Turnpike toll increases; the most recent hike took effect in January. But now, there is a new proposal in the state senate would put money back into your account instead of taking it out.

Senate Bill 419 would give Pennsylvania Turnpike drivers a 50 percent refund on what they pay in tolls, coming in the form of a tax credit of up to $500. Pennsylvania drivers and companies would be required to submit receipts and an application by September 15th of each year to qualify for the tax credit.

“It’s alright, as long as it doesn’t cause problems elsewhere. As far as the guys that use it, companies that use it, it’ll definitely help them,” said Allen Ferry of Grove City. “It’d be nice to get a little help to the companies.”

“I think that would be a great idea,” said Rachal Mann, who drives on the Turnpike often but said it’s become pretty expensive. “I’m actually heading down to [Washington] D.C. today, and I was pretty shocked by the price of the tolls.”

The idea comes after tolls went up by 5 percent for EZ pass and Toll by Plate customers back in January, and the Pennsylvania Turnpike Commission isn’t done, with a projected hike of another 5 percent by 2025 and plans to raise rates by at least 3 percent until 2050.

Mann said at that rate, she’d have to reconsider some of her road trips, so she’s in favor of the plan.

“Any kind of way to cut the cost of traveling or getting out traveling within the United States would be an awesome opportunity,” Mann said.

The bill has been referred to the Finance committee.

Click here to see the bill in its entirety.

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