RMU football player facing charges after allegedly performing sex acts in public

PITTSBURGH — Charges will be filed against Jonathan Wynn, an RMU student and football player, for allegedly performing sex acts in the parking lot of a local fitness center. And now, the University of Pittsburgh’s police department is investigating a similar incident involving Wynn.

Police sources tell Channel 11 Wynn is accused of approaching two victims on Pitt’s campus earlier this month under the ruse of needing to find a gas station, then masturbating while talking to them. Our sources say Wynn even told a Pitt Police officer he was a DoorDash driver so he could “get around” campus.

“To be honest, it’s not that surprising,” Sarah Stein tells Channel 11. “We just kind of live in an age now where of course we hear about things more frequently, but it almost seems these types of instances happen more and more.”

“Why? Why, that’s my question?” Ken Smith says. “It’s definitely bizarre. Definitely not a good thing - I’m glad there is some part of the justice system that is going to get involved with it.”

On Friday, our sources tell us Wynn was at it again, this time in the parking lot of this Planet Fitness, right next to RMU.

“For the women who felt and could perceive how uncomfortable and not OK that situation is and to call - they really deserve a pat on the back,” Stein added.

Police used license plate readers in the area to track Wynn’s blue Mazada to RMU’s campus where they learned he’s a student.

Robert Morris University released the following statement:

“RMU is cooperating with authorities as needed.”

When asked if Wynn was still a student and football player at RMU, the University said:

“In accordance with internal policies and federal student privacy laws, we cannot comment on ongoing student matters.”

A University of Pittsburgh Spokesperson said, “University of Pittsburgh police are still investigating. As a result, no charges have been filed.”

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