Ross Township still recovering after power surge fries appliances

ROSS TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Duquesne Light Company customers in Ross Township are assessing the damage after Friday’s power surge fried appliances at dozens of homes.

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“My furnace is out. I know my dishwasher is gone,” Tom Dziubinski said. His problems aren’t unique. There are similar stories around the neighborhood off Park Place.

One man who didn’t want to be interviewed showed Channel 11 the spot where a surge protector scorched his living room wall. He lost several monitors, a washing machine and a new microwave.

Dziubinski doesn’t know quite how bad the damage is at his home. Power hasn’t kicked back on in parts of the house.

“This addition I just put on this year, the back half I have no power. The front half I do,” he said. “Hopefully, I don’t have to replace my appliances.”

Right now, his refrigerator, stove, washer and dryer aren’t working. Neither is his brand-new furnace.

“I had some wood laid in because I burn in the back. I have a little fire pit. It’s coming in handy now. Just got back from Home Depot picking up some bundles of wood,” Dziubinski said.

He’s hoping the furnace is fixable. He, like many others, is saving receipts and filing claims with Duquesne Light Company.

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