Shots fired near Market Square in Downtown Pittsburgh

PITTSBURGH — Pittsburgh Police are investigating a shooting that happened in broad daylight a block from busy Market Square on Wednesday afternoon.

“We heard three or four gunshots go off. Each one of us looked at each other like, ‘That was gunshots, okay.’ We all went to the window to investigate,” Lucy Gallogly said. She works at ‘The Dispensary’ on Liberty Avenue just feet from the shooting on Delray Street. It was her second day on the job.

On Delray Street, we found multiple shell casings. We also found surveillance cameras, including one that captured images of the suspected gunman.

Police say the gunman appears to be a Black man in his 20s.

Channel 11 spoke with Pittsburgh’s new police chief Larry Scirotto Wednesday evening. He told Channel 11 he believes the shooting was targeted.

“It seemed to be violence between two individuals. It didn’t appear to be random. We have video footage of the event. There are four rounds fired,” Chief Scirotto said.

Still, the shooting marks another frustrating day for people who work in Market Square.

“It’s scary. Being a family man, it’s scary as hell,” Johnny Johnson told Channel 11. He works at ‘The Yard’ in Market Square. “I just say, ‘Stop it.’ Everybody lives down here. We work down here. If you’re going to shoot, go somewhere else. We work here.”

“I don’t want to be caught up in a stray bullet walking and getting shot by a stray bullet,” Johnson said.

At this time, police say no victim has come forward.

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