Small alligator found in Beaver County creek

FREEDOM, Pa. — It’s not every day you come across an alligator in our area. On Wednesday, a small gator was discovered in a creek in Freedom.

Beaver Valley Regional Police got a call from someone who spotted the gator and officers safely captured it.

For now, the two-and-a-half-foot reptile is being cared for at Off The Hook Exotic Pet Shop in Ambridge. The owner believes the gator was someone’s pet.

“I don’t think someone dumped him in the creek on purpose. sometimes people take them out for some sunshine then they don’t realize they can climb a fence and they can really travel a far distance before you realize they are gone,” said George Diaz, the owner of Off The Hook Exotic Pets.

George Diaz said the gator will grow to be 6 to 8 feet long. It’s rare to find an alligator in Pennsylvania because it’s too cold in the winter.

Diaz said they usually get a call about a gator sighting once a year.

“Like usually once the weather starts warming up, somebody spots a gator, said Diaz.

Diaz said if you ever see an alligator, stay calm, keep a safe distance, and call 911.

“Gators are very shy especially when they are out in the wild,” said Diaz. “You don’t want to scare them and have it go back in the water because it’s going to be a lot harder to find,”

There’s no state law against owning alligators in Pennsylvania but it is illegal to release one into the wild intentionally.

“If the owner comes forward, they will have to go through law enforcement to get the gator back,” said Diaz.

The gator will stay at Off The Hook until police finish their investigation.

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