Steelers superfan drives over 24 hours for playoff game against Chiefs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. — A Steelers superfan is in Kansas City and ready to cheer the team on, after driving more than 24 hours.

Edward Vega attends both home and away games without a shirt, wearing overalls, and a huge Steelers chain.

“Everybody assumes I’m from Pittsburgh,” Vega said. “I’m from California, I’m a California Steelers fan.”

Vega even has the Steelers logo tattooed on his chest, along with the Dan Rooney clover patch. He may look familiar, as he went viral on social media after someone took a photo of him at a Jaguars and Steelers game in 2020.

He says he used the power of social media to get to Kansas City.

“I took my Venmo account and put it on twitter, and said hey, this is how much a ticket costs,” Vega explained. “This is how much a hotel costs, this is a plane ticket. I don’t care whatever it is, let’s see what happens.”

People from Pittsburgh began donating to get Vega to Kansas City, he raised enough money for a game and a hotel room. He and his father packed their bags, got in their car, and drove over 24 hours from California to Kansas City to see the Steelers in action.

Vega says he’s had a warm welcome.

“I got people here in Kansas City saying hey I’ll treat you to this, I got barbeque. Come to my tailgate, come see me, and things like that. Steeler nation is great. I love it and I appreciate it. There’s nothing better than this right now.”

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